Luke Francke

About me

Me in a hoodie
In Amsterdam

Hi! This is my personal site. I am an 19 year old digital creator, web designer and developer & fighter for privacy and data protection.

Take a look at my /now page to see what i am doing right now. Go follow me on Parlerfor daily content.

Web hosting and web design (especially Grav CMS and WordPress) take a lot of my time. I advocate better privacy through data security and a principle of minimal data collection. The right to privacy -especially online- is an important thing for me. I want everyone to be able to manage, delete and own their data.
To achieve this, I have made a conscious decision not to use Google and Microsoft services and strive to make my digital life as data-friendly as possible.
While it may be tempting to choose convenience over privacy, I believe that protecting my and others' personal data should be a top priority in today's digital world.
By paying attention to the tools and services I use online, I can ensure that my data remains secure and protected from unwanted intrusion. For this reason, I recommend using ad- and tracking-free open-source products.

I love exploring new places and traveling. It's so exciting to see the unknown and discover all the incredible sights and experiences that different destinations have to offer.
One of my favorite things to do while traveling is photograph beautiful experiences. I especially love capturing architecture and nature.
For me, photography is a way to freeze a moment in time and capture it forever. It allows me to capture the beauty of the world around us and share those experiences with others.