Privacy & anti data collection

October 03, 2022

Protecting sensitive and personal data is important. It's a way to protect yourself from attackers, Big Tech sales, or fraud. This can often be quite simple if you change certain everyday patterns and use alternatives, or adjust your settings.

Important: This page simply explains what I do to protect my data. It is not intended to promote any particular service, nor to denigrate others.

Services I replaced with others:

Old service New service
Google Search Brave Search, sometimes Startpage or Qwant
Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, ...) Collabora Online (in Nextcloud)
Any online storage service Self-hosted Nextcloud
WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger Threema, Signal
Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook Self-hosted Domain with Mail service, Proton or Tutanota 
Browser (Google Chrome, Edge) Safari on iOS (with Firefox Klar extension), Firefox (combined with strong tracking protection and/or uBlock Origin), Brave
Google Maps (App/Web or embedded) Apple Maps, Openstreetmap
Google Analytics (never used on my site!) Matomo, Plausible, plenty other privacy-friendly services
Apple/Google Calendar Tutanota Calendar, Proton Calendar
Google/Bing Translator DeepL Translator

Services I use to strengthen my privacy online

In general: The web is always more privacy-friendly than an app. On the web, you can block trackers with appropriate extensions or reject them in the consent banner. This is not always possible in an app, where consent is often not asked for or is even implicitly generated.

I will post more parts of privacy and data protection advices in future.

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