Why I use Grav for this site

August 12, 2022

When I launched this site in March 2021, it was running on WordPress. However, I was never satisfied with the speed (despite the good server performance) and the customization options. I kept trying new themes, designs and options, but was never satisfied. After some time and a break, I decided to rebuild the site from scratch myself without CMS. I succeeded and the performance was much better. However, this version of my site was never quickly customizable, as I had to update each change e.g. at the footer on each page individually, so that it appeared everywhere. The performance was really sensational, but the design was too difficult.

I came across Grav as a CMS when I looked at a site that I really liked and had really good performance. I created my own theme by looking at the structure of other themes and regularly customize and add my own features to it. Because the theme is tailored exactly to my site, additions are easy to make and the site loads very fast, which is also due to the structure of the extremely good CMS.

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